Grooming Tips for Nervous Dogs

Grooming Tips for Nervous Dogs

Here is a four-step process for grooming a dog that hates to be groomed!

Step 1: Create a distraction
If your dog has had bad experiences with grooming in the past, then they may be scared or reactive when they see you get the brush out. Your first step towards a positive grooming experience will be simply getting the dog used to you touching them with the brush. This doesn’t necessarily mean running it through their fur, but just putting it against them so that they can feel it and become familiar with it. One of the best ways to first achieve this is with a distraction.

Step 2: Prepare the coat
If your dog’s fur is matted or long, then preparing the coat before brushing can stop the brush from pulling so much – just like adding conditioner to your own hair. Simply spritz the fur, give it a little rub to help work it in (if your dog doesn’t mind being fussed), and then begin grooming whilst the fur is still damp.

Step 3: Use a gentle brush
Some dogs hate to be groomed with a normal dog brush. Because they have curly fur that doesn’t molt, for these dogs traditional brushes tend to pull on their skin and cause discomfort, no matter how careful you are. A gentle brush like Tangle Teezer brush can make the all difference.

Step 4: Know when to stop
If your dog is new to grooming then take things slowly in the beginning. If they start to become agitated or uncomfortable then stop grooming them, give them a big fuss and some encouragement and then continue grooming them the next day. Establishing a routine can help them overcome their fear of being brushed. Try brushing them every morning before they have their breakfast, or before you go out for a walk. Slowly build up the grooming time until you are performing a full brush every time. Remember to keep you and your dog calm to help them become comfortable with the process.

Before you know it, grooming time will be something enjoyable for the both of you!

By:  Sarah (Tiny Terrier)

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